Buildings of Memories/Memories
of Buildings

“Buildings of Memories” is a project documenting forgotten and abandoned buildings in different areas in Cairo. The project is an introduction to a series of books, that shed light on such forgotten buildings. Buildings that we pass by everyday, but no one really notices them anymore in Cairo’s hectic life.
That building you have been passing by everyday, at the corner of the street, but somehow we walk by blindly, without really noticing something is there. Each building has a story, and documenting these stories and memories of forgotten buildings is the aim of this project. Encouraging citizen to open their eyes, and start documenting too.

Heliopolis: Volume One, is the first edition of the book series. Focusing on spotlighting the forgotten buildings within the Korba area in Heliopolis. The aim of this book is to make people notice such buildings in such a popular area, and keep bringing them back to life through sharing their memories, and appreciating their existence.

Project by: Safeya Ashraf & Ahmad Hammoud
Supervised by: Jochen Braun & Mariam Nizar
Year: 2015

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