Cairobserver is dedicated to presenting visitors and residents with lucid analysis, commentary and information about Cairo’s architecture and urbanism. A major aim of the project is to confront stereotypical views of Cairo by enriching the ways in which professionals, students and residents understand the policies that shape the city. The site also explores Cairo’s history and sites, its urban and architectural merits and the city’s many challenges. Additionally, Cairobserver aims to connect readers with the activism and grassroots action that engage with Cairo’s urban reality.
Cairobserver welcomes contributors from all disciplines and interests. The site is an on-line space, a platform, for architects, journalists, historians, artists, and residents to find and share content that offers ways for understanding, representing, and improving the city

Edited by: Mohamed Elshahed & Shaimaa Ashour
Photos by: Dania Hany
Year: 2015

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