A capsule collection, curated by Marwan Kaabour, and is the result of a collaboration among five Arab designers and artists: Walid Bouchouchi (Algeria), Farah Fayyad (Lebanon), Haitham Haddad (Palestine), Ahmad Hammoud (Egypt), and Marwan Kaabour (Lebanon). Having all grown up in the SWANA region, they now find themselves scattered around the world. Some moved away to study or work, while others had to move due to challenging situations in their home countries. Arabic for “So Distant”, Shu B’ad is the title of a poem by Muhammad Alabdallah that addresses distance and longing. It was popularised in the midst of the Lebanese Civil War by musician Ahmad Kaabour. Wanting to celebrate their shared cultural heritage, each designer took a verse from the poem and visualised it in their signature style, making the collection a poem and a song.

By Farah Fayyad
By Haitham Haddad

By Marwan Kaabour
By Walid Bouchouchi 

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